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African Mango Review: Is it Safe?

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African Mango AKA Irvingia Gabonensis is an all natural weight loss fruit found in Africa. Many supplement companies have added it to their own formulas in both proprietary blends and single ingredient dosages. What sparked its popularity was an endorsement by Dr. Oz.

More important than a famous endorsement is actual facts. This review highlights all the possibilities between African Mango and all the other weight loss supplements.

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African Mango grows in humid parts of Africa such as Nigeria, Uganda, the Congo, and other countries. Both its nuts and flesh are eaten due to its sweet taste and filling fiber.

The way African Mango works is by:

  • Lowering cholesterol
  • Decreasing fat storage
  • Preventing blood sugar from increasing
  • Decrease appetite
  • Lower triglycerides

It has been tested on lab rats and people with some positive weight loss effects. The fiber and protein inside has actual satiating effects which is the reason why it is used for weight loss. The type of fiber it contains is soluble fiber, soluble fiber is effective in:

  • Support healthy bowel movements
  • Reduce blood cholesterol in the heart, leading to less risk of heart disease
  • Prevent increase in blood sugar
  • Decreases the rate of hunger and promotes hours of satiety

Top Benefits:

All natural and has studies to suggest it is effective in promoting weight loss.


Studies show it under performs when taken by itself. It is also expensive. Different side effects may occur.

TIPS: for the best results our experts recommend to using weight loss pills for at least 3 month. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once!

All the evidence available links African Mango to weight loss, however by itself it does not produce substantial weight loss effects. It is useful when it is mixed with other weight loss properties, as they come together to form a more potent supplement. Therefore for optimum results it is recommended to find in a proprietary blend with other useful ingredients. Discover the very best proprietary blends for full fledged weight loss.

When you take African Mango by itself there is a potential risk factor for:

  • Insufficient, slow, and unreliable weight loss
  • Loss of money due to it being expensive
  • Weight loss that is not maximized in comparison to functional proprietary formulas


No reason exists why you shouldn't be introducing African Mango into your diet. The only suggestion is making sure it comes from a legitimate and wholesome source.

Though to really make sure how this stacks up, compare and contrast this brand with other supplements with the other options that are available right now.


Well the idea of lowering stress to get rid of fat is a useful approach to losing weight. There is no doubt about that. In fact there are some interesting qualities with this brand, it features some natural ingredients which are shown to be good for the body. Green Tea being one of the positive ingredients found here.

Proprietary blends are the preferred method as not only is this ingredient expensive by itself, but it is not as effective as it could be when placed alongside other reliable ingredients like Raspberry Ketones. Fortunately useful proprietary blends are sold now. Some did benefit by this ingredient alone, but for even more results a proprietary blend is highly recommended.

Qualities a high powered proprietary formula has to offer are:

  • Potent ingredients that work together to maximize fat loss
  • Accurate dosage strengths to promote weight loss at peak performance levels
  • A one stop supplement which has all the properties needed for results

In order to lose weight using the proper supplement take a look at the overall better brands on the market.

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