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Synvisc One Review: Is It Safe?

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Synvisc One is a treatment for osteoarthritis that is intended to relieve pain. It consists of an injection that increases the amount of lubrication in the joint areas.

Unlike many treatments for joint pain, this particular one can only be done by a medical professional, and is intended only for the knees. For those who want less stiffness in their joints and more freedom of movement, we suggest giving Flexitrinol a try. This supplement is of a very high quality, and contains several ingredients that are known for their ability to help naturally maintain the joints and improve overall quality of life as a result. Click here to read about Flexitrinol, and discover why customers and experts alike have called it one of the best supplements on the market.

How does Syncvisc One work?

This product is unlike most joint pain treatments out there, which mostly consist of pills and powders intended to introduce nutritional supplements into the body for helping with joint lubrication and strength. Instead, Syncvisc One takes the form of an injection of a viscous fluid directly into the joint. This fluid is supposed to be similar to the natural fluid that exists in the joint areas, and when introduced is supposed to create a more lubricated environment for the joints to move in. This allows a greater degree of movement and flexibility, and reduces the amount of friction in worn-out joints that can lead to pain and inflammation.

This fluid also helps the joints by acting as a shock absorbent. The joints naturally have their own “cushion” that absorbs force and stress when the joints are being used, and adding more of a cushion is supposed to relieve some of the stress and force that can impact the joints and weaken or inflame them.

This product is only intended for people who have taken other joint pain relief products, pain killers, and anti-inflammatories, but have found them not to work for them.

While there are other forms of Syncvisc that require three injections over a certain period of time, Syncvisc One is supposed to work with only one injection.

Top Benefits: Is FDA-approved and provides a direct way to address joint pain and immobility.

Negatives: Could be expensive, has to be done through a medical practitioner, comes in the form of an injection, may not work for everyone.

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Who Makes This Supplement?

Syncvisc One is made by Sanofi Genzyme, a biotechnology company that researches, develops, and markets medications and drugs for a variety of diseases and symptoms. Their contact information is here:

Address: 500 Kendall Street, Boston, MA 02142

Phone Number: No phone number was found to be listed.

Email: We didn’t see an email address provided by this company.

This product can only by ordered by medical professionals, and a list of providers can be found through the product’s main website, run by the company.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

This product differs from many other joint pain relief products, as it contains no herbs, plant products, vitamins, minerals, or pain relievers. Here is some information about the primary ingredient:

Hylan G-F 20: This ingredient consists of polymers – molecules of a similar makeup which are usually viscous and resilient – that are derived from chicken combs, the fleshy things that grow on the tops of chickens and other similar birds, such as turkeys. This fluid is supposed to be very similar the to fluid already present in the joints that helps joints move without friction and stress, and which absorbs shock so that joints don’t wear down as quickly. As people with osteoarthritis tend to have weaker joint cushions and weaker cartilage in their joints, this treatment is supposed to be a good alternative, especially when other treatments like pain relievers and glucosamine-chondroitin supplements haven’t made any difference for the patient.

There are some negative effects associated with this treatment, and these include:

  • Knee pain, swelling, stiffness
  • Fever, chills, nausea
  • Itching, muscle pain, fatigue

Another downside to this ingredient is that it’s only been tested on and intended to work on the knees. People who have joint pain elsewhere, such as the hips, fingers, hands, or shoulders will not find what they’re looking for with this treatment.

There’s also a chance that joint pain supplements, such as painkillers or nutritional supplements, could potentially interact with this treatment, and so caution must be taken and you must speak to your healthcare provider before making any decisions about taking Syncvisc One.

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What’s good about Synvisc One?

This product has been tested in clinical trials, which is more than can be said for many other types of joint pain treatments. By directly introducing a lubricant into the body, it also has a direct effect that can be seen as little as a day or two after the treatment is given. It has been approved by the FDA, showing that it’s gone through the necessary trials to be considered safe for use by the government.

There’s a possibility that this product is also covered under one’s health insurance, depending on what insurance a person has.

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What’s bad about Synvisc One?

The first problem with this treatment is that it is only available through a healthcare provider. People who want to treat their joint pain will first have to go through an evaluation and then find someone who is licensed and also has this product, before they are able to get the treatment. There is also the chance that it can be extremely expensive, too, given that it is a drug, and drugs typically tend to be higher in price compared to nutritional supplements.

Many people will shy away from this product because it’s an injection via a syringe. Needles and syringes cause a lot of people anxiety, and will find the idea of such an invasive process difficult to deal with.

There’s also the side effects to consider. Just because it’s approved by the FDA doesn’t mean it’s 100% guaranteed to be safe and have no side effects. Indeed, large numbers of drugs and medications that are FDA-approved come with side effects, sometimes even worse side effects than natural supplements or nutritional products. This product could end up being hard on the body.

There’s also no guarantee about how long this product’s effects will last. While some people may only need one injection per year, others may need more, increasing the costs, and this won’t be known until people discuss this with a doctor.

One drawback that people will note is that it’s only supposed to be used for the knees, so people who have arthritis or other joint conditions in other parts of the body won’t be able to take advantage of this product.

It also contains no pain killers, and may even interact with some, which means it’s possible that people will have to deal with the pain in their knees until the product takes effect.

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What do customers think about Syncvisc One?

We only found reviews for this product on Drugs Dot Com, a website that allows people to rate medications and drugs that they’ve tried. The product hasn’t fared well, with an average score of 6 out of 10:

“I had this injection and felt extreme pain for two weeks, which suddenly went away. I hope it doesn’t come back.”

“I had almost a month of pain before I started to see the effects, and luckily it worked. I can now walk more easily.”

“I had this treatment done 20 days ago, and there’s a painful buildup of fluid in my knee to the point where I can’t even bend it.”

“I’ve had this done to both knees and saw good results for over a year, but it doesn’t work perfectly all the time. One of my knees isn’t doing well right now, for example.”

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Synvisc One has its happy customers, but there are many people who are unsatisfied with this product and don’t think that it was worth trying. It also comes with some pretty bad side effects compared to other joint products, contains no pain killers or anti-inflammatories, and could be expensive. Not only that, but it also takes the form of an injection, which many people will see as a big turn-off.

The truth is that this treatment isn’t for everyone, and more people might find better luck looking into natural joint health supplements for a cheaper, safer, and less invasive way to help their joints.

Flexitrinol is our supplement of choice, recommended for anyone that wants to rid themselves of joint pain, inflammation, and who want to get their joints mobile and flexible again. Click here to read about Flexitrinol, the natural supplement that’s been approved by joint product experts as one of the best choices people have for joint pain.

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