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Schiff Glucosamine Review: Is It Safe?

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Schiff Glucosamine is a joint health supplement intended to keep joints functioning properly. It’s also supposed to help lubricate the joints, as well as keep them protected from shock and stress.

This product contains only a few ingredients, relative to other brands. At the moment, Flexitrinol is our top choice for people who want to reduce joint pain and improve flexibility in a natural way. It contains a mixture of ingredients that come from natural sources, and it remains one of the best joint products that we’ve ever seen. Flexitrinol has a great reputation among both customers and experts for it’s impressive benefits.

How does Schiff Glucosamine work?

This supplement contains some of the ingredients found in other, similar joint health supplements. It contains a mixture of natural chemicals that are already found in the body, and are supposed to have direct effects on helping maintain the strength and health of the joints. Some ingredients accomplish this by promoting more production of joint fluid, a substance surrounding the joints and helping them move more smoothly and flexibly. Others help the body in producing cartilage and collagen, two important parts of the joints that help them stay capable and strong. As cartilage can be worn down with age or through overuse, an increase in the amount of cartilage cells is supposed to be helpful in preventing erosion.

One of the other main ingredients is aimed at helping keep inflammation down, so that users can see more immediate effects with reduced pain and swelling in their joints.

Top Benefits: It’s got some ingredients that are popular in the joint health community for their benefits.

Negatives: It has comparatively-few ingredients compared to other products, and contains no added vitamins or minerals for optimum health.

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Who Makes This Supplement?

Schiff Glucosamine was made by Schiff Products, a vitamin and nutritional supplement manufacturer. They can be contacted with the following information:

Address: 2002 S 5070 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Phone Number: (801) 975-5100

Email: No email address is provided, just a customer support form for filling out with questions or concerns.

This supplement can be purchased from different online vendors, as well as the product’s web page.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

This product contains a pretty small list of ingredients, all of which are chemicals and substances that are supposed to have some benefits on joint health and mobility. These pills, which are supposed to be taken three per day, contain shellfish products (including shrimp, crab, lobster, and prawns), so people with those allergies should avoid this product.

Here is a list of some of the main ingredients provided on the nutritional information label:

Glucosamine Hydrochloride: An amino sugar extracted from shellfish products, and a very common ingredient in joint health supplements. Glucosamine is found in the joint “cushion,” and so supplements with this ingredient are supposed to add more to the body in order to strengthen the cushioning surrounding the joints, so that the joints can stay protected from stress and shock. There are two type of glucosamine: glucosamine sulfate and glucosamine hydrochloride. Of the two, experts prefer glucosamine sulfate. While the hydrochloride version can have some effective, some do not consider it to be as useful for joint health.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM): This chemical is mostly produced artificially in laboratory settings, and is another common ingredient of joint health products. It is supposed to help by reducing pain and inflammation, especially in the knees. It’s considered a preferred supplemental products for people who suffer from osteoarthritis. People also take this product for general inflammation and high blood pressure.

Hyaluronic Acid: A natural lubricant found in the body (mainly the eyes) that’s commonly used in joint health products to add lubrication to the joints. Unfortunately, it’s only been proven to work when injected directly into the joint, but not when taken orally as a supplement, so including it in these pills isn’t guaranteed to actually increase the amount of lubrication in the joint areas.

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What’s good about Schiff Glucosamine?

The product contains ingredients that are all commonly used in other joint health supplements. On the one hand, that means that that it’s counting on the effectiveness of well-known ingredients and isn’t trying to do anything fancy or exotic with its formula, including ingredients that could possibly be untested or come with dangerous side effects.

This product isn’t very expensive. We found it for as little as $12.99 on some websites, which is pretty cheap compared to other joint products that can cost two or three times as much. The product also gives you a lot for your money, with one bottle lasting almost two full months (50 days) when taken as directed.

It’s also available from a wide variety of places, including not only its own website but also Walgreens, Walmart, and Target.

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What’s bad about Schiff Glucosamine?

One thing that sticks out about this supplement is its small list of ingredients. With only three active ingredients that are supposed to have benefits on the health of people’s joints, the effectiveness of this supplement feels somewhat limited, especially in comparison to other joint health products that contain upwards of 4 to 8 ingredients. Some even contain upwards of a dozen, with several different ingredients that can focus on pain relief and inflammation all at the same time. With only three ingredients, however, there’s the possibility that this product will not work as effectively or as quickly as products with more ingredients that can all act together to address joint pain.

There are also no vitamins or minerals involved in this product. While joint cartilage ingredients are a good idea, it would have been better to include additional nutrients like magnesium or calcium, which can help with bone health and act to address joint pain from a variety of sources all at once.

The fact that one of its main ingredients, hyaluronic acid, has so little proof or science behind it is also frustrating. This substance isn’t known to transmit its lubricating qualities via the bloodstream after ingesting it, but only when directly injected into the joint. Just because something has a certain quality before digesting it doesn’t mean it will have that quality after, which means that this ingredient is likely not as effective as it is promised to be.

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What do customers think about Schiff Glucosamine?

There are several places that have customer reviews of this product, including the product’s main site. An examination of third-party websites shows that there are people who have tried this product and liked it, but not all customers have been satisfied with it. Here is a sample of some customer reviews:

“This product works just as it was advertised. I’m a mailman and this has really helped me with my joints.”

“This definitely didn’t cure my joint pain, but it did help somewhat to relieve it.”

“These pills are extremely big, difficult to take. I have to cut them in half in order to get them down.”

“Warning: my mother used this and started having liver problems. It has to do with one of the ingredients in this mix – stay away!”

Many of the positive reviews for this supplement mentioned that it only had some effect on helping their joint inflammation and pain, not doing away with it.

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The only three ingredients in this product happen to be popular joint health ingredients, but that’s mostly all that this product contains. There are no added herbal remedies that are supposed to help with inflammation and pain, nor are there any vitamins or minerals to provide bonus help with health and function. We were also disappointed that the pills are reported to be extremely large, so much so that customers have had to cut them in half just to be able to take them – multiplied by the 3 pills you need to take a day, that means this will possibly make you have to take the equivalent of 6 regular pills per day, which is a hassle.

There are positive customer reviews, but many people maintain that it doesn’t always do a lot, that it only helps somewhat, and that it also takes a long time to kick in before they start seeing any results.

Overall, there are stronger supplements out there that not only contain more ingredients, but also do not contain hyaluronic acid, a product that’s not proven to help in any demonstrable way.

People all around the world are looking for help with their joint problems. Flexitrinol is the supplement we personally recommend, not just due to its quality, but also because of the great customer response it’s gotten and the money-back guarantee for buyers. Click here for more about Flexitrinol, the number one for helping joint pain and inflammation.

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