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Nutrilite Glucosamine 7 Review: Is It Safe?

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Nutrilite Glucosamine 7 Joint Support is a joint health supplement promising joint comfort within 7 days of daily use. It uses a blend of ingredients intended to provide structure to the bones and joints, rejuvenating and replenishing cartilage.

It’s made to support people of all walks of life, whether performing simple tasks or providing support to those who work out.  Overall Flexitrinol was higher ranked than other joint health supplements due to the many positive opinions from consumers and its studied ingredients. This brand contains a unique formula made to support lasting joint health. Read about Flexitrinol’s possible benefits through this official review.

How does Nutrilite Glucosamine 7 work?

This is made to rebuild and provide support to the structure that surrounds bones and joints. They add how it has clinically proven glucosamine and chondroitin to help lubricate, protect, and cushion cartilage.

Also included are antioxidants that can help maintaining the health of cartilage, reducing the risk of its breakdown over time. There’s one patented ingredient in this which is intended to provide relief to the joints within 7 days. It’s even specified that the key ingredients are shrimp, acerola cherries, and a patented form of Boswellia Serrata.

It’s recommended to take 2 tablets twice a day with meals, and an image of the size of each pill is provided.

Top Benefits: Full ingredients are displayed. There are some good ingredients like Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and certain vitamins and minerals.

Negatives: Requires a lot of pills. This is pricier than similar brands with almost identical formulas.  Company history shows a lot of issues.

This list has the most well-regarded and highly recommended joint health supplements of the year.

Who makes this supplement?

Amway Corp is the official name and their contact information is:

Address: 7575 Fulton Street East

Ada, MI 49355

Phone Number: (616) 787-1000

Email:  [email protected]

They have a total of 12 complaints on the Better Business Bureau listing with the majority of issues being related to product or service issues. Mostly consumers said they were charged without their consent, and that they called many times to try and correct this. People also had a very difficult time cancelling their accounts and there was a lot of required documentation for the process.

The FTC investigated this multi-level marketing company over allegations that they were running an illegal pyramid scheme. Multi-level marketing is a controversial method of salesmanship that allows regular people to start representing the company, selling their products and using their own sales tactics. Sometimes people will begin to manipulate or lie about the possible effects the product in question can offer, and they may use aggressive tactics.

The FTC found that the company was guilty of price-fixing as well as lying about the amount of profit potential salesmen could gain. They also ended up paying $56 million due to a class action lawsuit which alleged their representatives were guilty of fraud and of operating like a pyramid scheme. Click here for a detailed look at the best joint health brands of the year.

What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

Glucosamine Sulfate: A natural sugar that is within the fluid and tissue that surrounds joints.  This provide a cushioning effect and when taken in supplement form, it can help build ease the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Most often used to help support healthy cartilage and to prevent knee pain.

They use crab and shrimp extracts to make up this ingredient. A total of 1,500 mg are added per daily serving.

5-LOXIN Boswellia Serrata Extract: (standardized to 30% AKBA): A patented Ayurvedic plant extract which is used to help prevent joint discomfort and overall pain. This unique formulation is intended to be better absorbed by the body, making it more effective at supporting flexibility and mobility.

Acerola Concentrate: Vitamin C rich fruit that is used to improve the immune system and to maintain the health of cells.

Some side effects are possible according to Web MD:

  • Nausea, insomnia, and stomach cramps.

This is considered to be a main ingredient within this supplement.

Citrus Bioflavonoids: Natural plant compounds found in citrus fruits which have potent antioxidants. This works with vitamins to help stop the spread of free radicals which can lead to cell damage.  This has a total of 3 different forms of citrus extracts including Citrus Lemon and Citrus Paradisi.

OptiMSM: Patented version of MSM, MSM is a natural chemical in the human body which supports many important processes. This version is distilled and processed in a way to make it pure and consistently potent. This is free of any common allergens or GMO’s.

MSM is intended to support all aspects of health including joint pain relief and healthy cell growth.

Chondroitin Sulfate (Shark): A natural extract chemical which is found naturally in cartilage that surrounds the joints. It can help prevent osteoarthritis. When taken in supplement form it can help regenerate Chondroitin.

This specific version is taken from shark cartilage which is common as cow is the other typical kind of Chondroitin used.

Boron Glycinate: Important mineral that is in food, it can be used to strengthen bones, prevent osteoarthritis symptoms, help muscle building, and support coordination.

This is also important for the healthy uptake of other minerals.

Manganese Amino Acid Chelate: Trace mineral that the body needs in order to help form bones, regulate energy, and support overall development. This specific version is mixed with an amino acid to help increase its uptake and to protect the mineral from becoming weaker.

After much review it was the found that these 10 joint health supplements were the most effective.

What’s good about Nutrilite Glucosamine 7?

Much like other joint health supplements you can find well-studied ingredients such as Chondroitin Sulfate, Glucosamine Sulfate, Boron, Manganese, and antioxidants. All these can provide relief from joint pain while supporting overall joint function.  There’s good reason why so many other supplements use these kinds of ingredients, there is much research available to show what they can offer.

The company also has a full breakdown of the dosage strength of each ingredient, making it easy to see what possible benefits are possible.

They make sure to fully outline what this supplement is intended to do, as well as an explanation of what makes it unique.

What’s bad about Nutrilite Glucosamine 7?

The ingredients themselves are fairly basic and though they include many well-regarded additives, much of this is already found in countless other brands.

Each bottle has 240 pills and requires 4 pills a day with meals. This is pricy at the price of $63.30 per bottle.  This is a lot to take in on a daily basis and the pills appear fairly large.

The company has had major controversies and investigations into their practices. The fact they had major leaders in their company called out for potential fraud and price-fixing says a lot about their business ethics. Many customers said they had some serious issues and that they were unable to get their money back even after hours of trying to talk to their customer service team.

After much analysis it was clear these top 10 rated joint supplements could offer the best relief.

What do consumers think about Nutrilite Glucosamine 7?

“this was good for me helped ease my mild arthritis that made it hard to move around like normal. I would recommend it for joint pain”

“Good for my knee problems that made it real hard to stay active and happy”

“Tried to find some benefit from this but it didn’t do anything. Pain was the same, movement was the same, and I don’t see any benefit”

“Not at all effective for treating my arthritis, this was a waste of time and money both. Not good avoid.”

Practical possible solutions for renewed joint health are available; see the best options by checking out the top 10 of the year.


A supplement like this is very familiar, similar ingredients are used and though some of them can support joint health, there is nothing truly unique about it. The great benefit of this is mainly in that there are a lot of pills per bottle, but it also takes 4 pills a day which is more than the average. The company history has been questionable with many controversies and FTC investigations.

Overall while the formula is decent, there is no reason to favor this over the countless other similar brands. There were many consumers who said that the company was difficult to deal with and that they had to deal with a lot of calling and questioning to get their money back.

The best joint health supplement that was rated this year was Flexitrinol, all due to its high dosage strength formula and well-regarded ingredients. This has a great formula that can help support joints by rebuilding cartilage and supporting existing damage. There’s a full review of Flexitrinol offered where you can learn about what it can offer for lasting and supportive joint health.

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