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Hydraplenish Review: Is It Safe?

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Hydraplenish is a supplement that is supposed to help support healthy connective tissue, which includes the skin as well as the joints. It’s mainly based on the supposed benefits of hyaluronic acid, but contains some other ingredients as well.

While the product overtly claims it’s best used for skin health, it’s been used by people who want to strengthen their joints as well. For those who want less stiffness and pain in their joints, we suggest trying Flexitrinol. This supplement is made to a very high standard, and contains respected ingredients that are known for their ability to help maintain healthy joints and improve overall health. Click here to read more about Flexitrinol, and learn about why customers and experts alike have applauded its usefulness.

How does Hydraplenish work?

This formula is, as stated earlier, mostly based on the supposed health effects of hyaluronic acid. The supplement is supposed to help with collagen production, which can help the skin by improving hydration and reducing lines and wrinkles, which prevents dryness and improves circulation. It can also strengthen joints by providing added collagen formation in the connective tissues, which gives joints more stability, and the hyaluronic acid is supposed to give more lubrication to the joints for added mobility and stability as well.

Unlike some other products, it contains no anti-inflammatories or pain killers, even ones derived from natural sources. The assumption is that by giving joints the added benefit of having extra fluid, joints will have an easier time moving and won’t suffer from as much inflammation.

Top Benefits: Has natural ingredients, some of which can help with the skin, as well as with join structure.

Negatives: Some ingredients have little evidence backing them up, and there are no anti-inflammatories or pain relievers for people who want to use this for joint pain.

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Who Makes This Supplement?

Hydraplenish is made by Nature’s Way, a natural health supplement company. They can be contacted the following ways:

Address: 825 Challenger Drive, Green Bay, WI 54311

Phone Number: (800) 962-8873

Email: We didn’t see an email address provided by this company.

This supplement is available from the business’s main website, but it can be purchased from other online vendors including Amazon as well.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

Some of the ingredients in this supplement are commonly found in other joint health products as well, from either chemical or animal sources. The supplement contains a mixture of ingredients that’s been patented. The serving size is two pills, to be taken daily. As each bottle contains 60 pills, the bottle should last the average consumer around a month.

Here are the main ingredients listed for this product:

Hydrolyzed Collagen: This ingredient is made from collagen, a protein found in nearly all parts of the body serving the purpose of filling the space in connective tissues. This ingredient and is supposed to contain a form of collagen that can be ingested and then delivered all over the body to wherever the “building blocks” of collagen are needed most – in this product’s case, the skin or the joints.

Unfortunately the science behind using collagen this was isn’t very sound. After taking collagen by mouth, it is digested and broken down into the same amino acids that normal proteins are (beef, chicken, beans, etc), meaning that eating collagen isn’t any more helpful to joint and skin health than eating normal protein is.

Hyaluronic Acid: This substance is a natural lubricant produced in the human body. While it’s notably found in the eyes, it is also found in joints. People claim that consuming it can help to “lubricate” parts of the body that need lubrication. The only problem with this is that this particular effect is only seen when the substance is directly injected into the body, as opposed to being consumed as part of a supplement. There’s no observed effect of lubrication being improved in the joints after ingesting and digesting this particular product.

Chondroitin Sulfate: This ingredient is an important part of cartilage production. Cartilage is an important part of joints and helps them with their structure and strength. Chondroitin is commonly prescribed for treating joint problems, most often in combination with other ingredients like glucosamine. By maintaining cartilage health, it’s supposed to slow the breakdown of cartilage that leads people to joint problems like osteoarthritis.

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What’s good about Hydraplenish?

This product contains no drugs, and doesn’t contain anything that may put too much strain on the liver, like ibuprofen or aspirin can. As it contains no common allergens like gluten, soy, or dairy, people who have those allergies will be able to use this product freely. There are also very few (if no) side effects associated with the ingredients in this product, which is very favorable compared to other products that contain numerous ingredients that come with side effects like stomach aches or allergic reactions.

The product isn’t very expensive, available for as little as $15.99 on Amazon, for which you get a full month of the treatment.

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What’s bad about Hydraplenish?

The main problem with this supplement is that it consists mostly of ingredients that have very little proof of working. Chondroitin seems to be the only ingredient that has shown some connection to improving the health of the connective tissues, particularly in the joints, but the problem is that that’s the only one. Hyaluronic acid has only been shown to have effectiveness with lubrication in the joints when it is injected by a medical professional, not necessarily when ingested by mouth. Collagen, which is supposed to be broken down into small particles that the body can use to create new collagen in places where it’s needed in the body, doesn’t really seem to work any more effectively for joint and skin health than normal protein, meaning that claims about this ingredient’s medical benefits are a little overstated. The result of such a weak formula is that people may end up with an underwhelming product that doesn’t stand up to the competition of products that have more ingredients that have more proof behind them.

The product contains no painkillers or anti-inflammatory products, so people taking this product for joints pain will probably not see any immediate effects like the ones they could see with other products.

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What do customers think about Hydraplenish?

While this product has no reviews on the company’s website, as far as we could see, it has many reviews on its Amazon page. While many reviews are positive, some of those positive reviews came with some “buts” that should be examined:

“This product really worked to help my joints, much more than other products I’ve used.”

“This is a good product, and I hope that it works.”

“This works alright, but I prefer the hyaluronic acid supplement from another company.”

“I don’t see any help in my joints, but I did see some benefits to my face. I’ll order a different version to see if it works.”

As can be seen, many positive reviews have had to do with its skin hydration effects, and some people who gave it a high-star review admitted that nothing had really happened yet. People looking at highly-rated supplements should make sure to check and see what people are really saying, and if it has to do with the product itself and whether it works.

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Hydraplenish has supporters, but there are a few things that make this product a possible waste of money. One is the fact that two of its three products have almost no clinical proof that they work (when ingested), putting this product’s usefulness into question. It also contains no ingredients that act as pain killers or anti-inflammatories, so people who use it will likely have to wait longer to see any effects happen. Third, although many customers have given this product a high rating, many of them are praising its skin-rejuvenating qualities instead of its joint pain relief, and some people admit to not even having seen any effects, despite giving it a high rating.

With so many questions about this product’s usefulness, we suggest people look to other products first before deciding to risk their money on Hydraplenish.

Flexitrinol remains the brand of supplement that we recommend for anyone who wants to get rid of joint pain, reduce inflammation, and start enjoying their lives once again. Click here to read more about Flexitrinol, the supplement that’s been approved by experts as one of the best choices consumers have for joint pain.

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