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ASOX9 Review: Is It Safe?

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ASOX9 is a male enhancement supplement made from an all-natural formula that will boost libido, enhance sexual performance, give you longer lasting and stronger erections, and increase the quality and thickness of your sperm. It was created by Christopher Gordon, a man who suffered from sexual performance issues and wanted to find a natural solution for his personal problems.

As men age, their bodies naturally slow down testosterone production. From age 30, testosterone levels can decrease by 1% per year. This leads to a number of adverse effects including lower libido, low energy, decreased muscle mass and weight gain. It can also have psychological effects like depression. ASOX9 claims to be able to combat these effects in older men with its unique formula.

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How does ASOX9 work?

Although Christopher Gordon claims that ASOX9 was formulated after failing to find a suitable male supplement to combat his sexual problems, it appears to include many ingredients that are common in other formulas. Whether or not ASOX9 has established a way to use these ingredients in a more effective way remains to be seen. The herbal ingredients work and interact in complex way to achieve the advertised effects. This includes relaxing and dilating the blood vessels in order to achieve more blood flow throughout the body, most notably to the genital region, which assists in creating stronger erections and keeping them harder for longer. The product also claims that this will “maximize your size.”

Another way the formula works is by stimulating Nitric Oxide production in the blood stream, which allows for the more effective absorption of nutrients, minerals and proteins into the body, especially into the muscles, where they provide extra strength and stamina to help you go the distance for your partnet.

Finally, when used over long periods of time, the product works to stimulate the natural production of testosterone, gradually raising testosterone levels in the body and counteracting the negative effects of low hormone levels.

The product is designed to be taken daily and the company claims that you will begin to see results within three days of taking it.

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Top Benefits: All-natural, personally backed by company founder, may have some benefit for older men.

Negatives: May cause side effects, lacks key ingredients, negative customer experiences.

Who makes this supplement?

ASOX9 is made by a company of the same name that is located in Venice, California. According to the Better Business Bureau website, the company has been in business for just over one year.

Address: Venice Way

Venice, CA 90291-3674

Phone Number: (888) 431-5554

Email: [email protected]

There are no negative reports of billing or shipping issues on sites like Better Business Bureau. The company runs an up to date website, and seems to be reputable brand. The company is backed by Christopher Gordon, who is willing to put his reputation on the line for the product. You can order the product through the website, and they company clearly lists its contact details, including an email address and phone number should you need to contact them.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

Tongkat Ali Extract: This plant extract is common in many effective male enhancement products, and has been used as an aphrodisiac and male virility treatment in traditional medicine for hundreds of years. It works by increasing blood flow to the genital region.

L-Arginine: This amino acid stimulates Nitric Oxide production in the body, and also works to increase blood flow. It is common in many effective male supplements. It is thought to be effective in achieving maximum erection hardness.

Maca Extract: This root extract has been used as an aphrodisiac and male virility treatment for hundreds of years. It also increases energy and boost stamina. It may also lead to better quality ejaculate, while also increasing sperm volume.

Ginseng Combination: This potent root extract has been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. It is known to boost the immune system, but also has positive benefits on male sexual performance, including staving off premature ejaculation.

Zinc Oxide: This mineral naturally occurs in the body, and low levels can lead to infertility in men. It may have some effect on male sexual performance, but only for people with a poor diet who already have low levels of Zinc. It may cause serious side effects in some people.

  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.
  • Metallic taste, kidney damage, stomach damage.

Oyster Extract: This extract is known for its effective aphrodisiac capabilities and is common in male supplements.

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What’s good about ASOX9?

ASOX9 includes some effective ingredients such as L-Arginine and Maca Root, along with some less common ingredients like Oyster Extract. It may have a mild benefit for some men, especially older men suffering from erectile problems or low testosterone.

The company maintains an up to date website, and the Christopher Gordon is willing to put his name behind the product. It appears to be manufactured in the United States, and there are no reported billing or shipping issues. The product is available on and is reasonably priced at around $40 per bottle.

What’s bad about ASOX9?

Firstly, ASOX9 includes some ingredients that may cause serious side effects like Zinc. There are many other products available on the market that are specially designed to minimize or avoid side effects altogether. It is recommended that you research all available products online before purchasing ASOX9. In addition, the formula is missing many effective ingredients. While it may have benefits for older men with low testosterone or erectile problems, there are many other products that are far more potent simply due to the fact that they include several more key ingredients.

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What do consumers think about ASOX9?

ASOX9 has over 70 reviews on, which means it is a relatively popular product compared to other supplements on the market. The reviews are mixed, with many men saying that they saw no benefit at all, while some men say they saw a minor benefit from the product. There are also many testimonials on the product website, but it is unclear how authentic they are. It is highly recommended that you read all product reviews before purchasing ASOX9.

“The minute I broke the seal on these, they began to expand and break apart. Within a couple days I had a bottle of dust.”

“I have taken the full bottle as directed and it does nothing for me. I would not recommend this product.”

“Not sure what I expected, but I got nothing from the product. I need to go back and re-read the promo material. An expensive journey.”

“I date younger men and I want to keep it that way. 3 months ago, I had this perfect date, but I couldn’t get it up. I never called him back but I started Asox9 that week. It slowly got better.”


While ASO9 may have some mild benefit, especially for older men, it appears that the product’s claims are not backed up by the online reviews and experienced of customers. In addition, it contains some ingredients that may cause side effects in some users, which may concern many potential customers. While the product has a reputable brand and is personally backed by the company’s founder, it appears there are some major drawbacks to the product. One of these is the fact that it lacks some key ingredient that would have enhanced the effects of the product, and given users a much better overall sexual experience.

While this formula may have worked for Christopher Gordon, it is clear from the reviews that it does not have the same effect for many users. It is highly recommended that you review all online comments on and other sites before you consider purchasing the product. There are many other effective male supplements on the market that are formulated to avoid or minimize side effects, and give you the best possible performance in the bedroom.

Viritenz was shown to be the most effective male enhancement product on the market, according to our team of expert reviewers. It is specially formulated with a range of potent ingredients that are designed to boost libido and enhance sexual performance. Click here to read testimonials from men who have experienced the benefits of Viritenz first hand.

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